Special Session


Special Session 2: Knowledge Discovery Techniques

With the proposal of the double carbon target, building a new power system with new energy as the main body has become an important direction. However, its multi-source, diversified and intelligent requirements also put forward higher requirements for high-performance processing technology of power big data. How to gain insight into the deep-level expert experience, hidden danger knowledge, automation mode, etc. in the data will become the focus of this special issue. Welcome researchers in this field to contribute your latest research results.

● Organizer:

Chair: Donglai Wang, Shenyang Institute of Engineering, China (donglai.wang@hotmail.com)
Co-Chair: Zhenming Zhang, Northeast Electric Power University, China (1202100021@neepu.edu.cn)
Co-Chair: Wende Ke, Southern University of Science and Technology, China (kewd@sustech.edu.cn)

● Submission Method:

 Please submit your manuscript to http://www.zmeeting.org/submission/hp3c2023 and select Track “Special Session 2: Knowledge Discovery Techniques”


● Topics of interest include (but are not limited to:
Domain knowledge graph construction
Deep neural networks
Power big data mining
Knowledge-driven and hidden reasoning
Inverse reinforcement learning
Behavioral cloning method
New power system
Power dispatch agent
Data-driven and robotic automation
Electric IoT security