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Jinan, the capital city and the second-largest city in Shandong Province after Qingdao, is adjacent to DezhouBinzhouZiboTai'an and Liaocheng. When it comes to Jinan, many people think of springs at once. More than 800 springs are distributed all over Jinan, some of which present spectacular gushing scenes. So Jinan is also known as the City of Springs. Most famous springs such as Baotu Spring Park, Black Tiger Springs and Five Dragon Pool are located in the urban area.
After visiting springs, you can go to the shopping malls and Quancheng Square around the scenic spots to feel the prosperity of Jinan. The best time to travel to Jinan is between September and November, because the spring bubble up higher and intensively due to the rising in groundwater level after the rainy season. Also, Jinan is a modern metropolis. It plays an important role in equipment manufacturing and Chinese transportation.




What to See

Compared with those capital cities or other large and medium-size cities in China, Jinan has few advantages and lacks a metropolitan atmosphere, the highlight being its numerous springs. Some people say Jinan's glamour is not merely its enticing natural beauty, but more the warmth of the local people. The beauty of nature is thin and weak, but the beauty that comes from people will last forever.  The city is hospitable and receives visitors from all over the world. Marco Polo once visited it and left words of praise to this city. The Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and the Thousand Buddha Mountain decorate the city as a beautiful garden.