Registration Rates:

RMB Currency
USD Currency
Author Registration (Student)
3500 RMB
Author Registration (Normal)
3850 RMB
Invited Speaker
3150 RMB
Author Registration (TPC Member)
3500 RMB
Abstract Registration
2800 RMB
Delegate (Student)
1950 RMB
Delegate (Normal)
2100 RMB
Additional Paper(s)
2800 RMB
Additional Page
210 RMB/页
$30 / One Page



At least one author is required to register and attend the conference to present the paper. For safety consideration, please take good care of your belongings in the public places. Please bring your name badge for entering the conference hall. Please do not lend your name badge to people who are not involved with the conference. Please do not take irrelevant people to enter the conference rooms. The Organizers shall not be held responsibility for any loss of personal finance or belongings.


Industry Visitor Ticket - 工业界研究人员入场券注册


Item In RMB-人民币 In USD
Delegate / 听众 (Online Participationl)
500 RMB/每人
$75/per person
Delegate / 听众 (Individual)
1850 RMB/每人
$260/per person
Delegate / 听众 (2-5 Persons Group)
1500 RMB/每人
$210/per person
Delegate / 听众 (6-10 Persons Group)
1200 RMB/per person
$175/per person


1. Please fill the information and complete the payment via Online Payment System
2. Please email Payment Order ID & Payment Email to and wait for the secretary‘s confirmation.
3. Confirmed by the conference secretary, then Delegate registration succeeds. Please print and bring Order ID & Payment Email file when you arrive.
If you need our help, please send your enquiry to



What to Expect after Completing your Conference Registration

You shall receive emails to the address provided during your conference registration after your registration has been completed.